Native American Artist Robert Orduno

As a contemporary artist, Robert Orduño draws from his rich Gabrieleño/Tongva and Spanish heritage to create art that is both impressionistic and expressionistic with abstract qualities.

“Art is both metaphysical and plastic. An artist must create new life and invent new experiences. Within the four borders of a canvas is an architecture that breathes a life of its own, not an attempt to recreate reality.”

He explores the transformative power of the sacred in his work, integrating the traditions of American Indian dance, ritual, ceremonial themes, pow-wows with images of transformation, and mystic vision. The Santa-Fe based painter has an intuitive connection with the primal rhythms of dance, the dynamics of color, and the spiritualism and mythology of ancient cultures. These elements, combined with his unique vision and dynamic style, infuse his paintings with intense energy and a sense of the eternal.

“Artists have always looked for and invented new symbols. That’s what puts the arts at the cutting edge of life experience. We are always searching, looking for what is on the next horizon, continually creating our own mythologies. In my own work, I often wonder why I am so interested in images of strong legendary women like Wohpe and Astarte? Am I on the crest of something everyone is interested in? An artist must be faithful to that need to be inventive, and to discover for himself the symbols in his art. The surprises in my work excite me. When I stand back from something I have been deeply involved in creating, I make new discoveries about myself. If you listen to your heart, it will tell you what you need to know and what will be.”

Orduño’s work is an important contender in the international contemporary art market and has gained prominence for major private, museum and specialized collections.